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Create an Emergency Plan
Meet with Household Members
  • Discuss with children the dangers of:
    • Fire
    • Severe Weather
    • Earthquakes
    • Other emergencies
  • Discuss how to respond to each disaster.
  • Discuss what to do about power outages and personal injuries.
  • Draw a floor plan of your home.
    • Mark two escape routes from each room.
  • Learn how to turn off the water, gas, and electricity at the main switches.
  • Post emergency telephone numbers near telephones.
    • Teach children how and when to call 911, police, and fire.
  • Instruct household members to turn on the radio for emergency information.
  • Pick one out-of-state and one local friend or relative for family members to call if separated by disaster (It's often easier to call out-of-state than within the affected area).
    • Teach children how to make long-distance telephone calls.
  • Pick two meeting places:
    • A place near your home in case of fire
    • A place outside your neighborhood in case you cannot return home after a disaster
  • Don't forget to make plans for your pets.

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