Upcoming Training

EMS Training

3/02/19-6/09/19 EMT Basic (Tonopah) Registration Closed-Class In Session (PDF)

3/08/19-6/09/19 EMT Basic (Beatty) Registration Closed-Class In Session (PDF)

4/05/19-6/30/19 EMT Basic (Smoky Valley) Registration Closed-Class In Session  (PDF)

UPDATE 5/03/19: Various dates in May and June 2019: Training for State of Nevada New Patient Care Reporting System, Reno, Carson City and On Line Webinars (PDF)


9/05/19 Firefighter 1 (Amargosa) (PDF)

hAzmat training

6/18/19 HAZMAT Operations (Amargosa) (PDF)


5/03/19 ICS 100 (Las Vegas) (PDF)

5/03/19 ICS 200 (Las Vegas) (PDF)

5/06/19-5/10/19 L0954-FEMA NIMS ICS All Hazards Safety Officer  (Dayton, NV) (PREREQUISITES) (PDF)

5/24/19 ICS 700 (Las Vegas) (PDF)

5/24/19 Personal Assessment and Resiliency Training (P.A.R.T.) (Las Vegas) (PDF)

6/07/19 ICS 100 (Las Vegas) (PDF)

6/07/19 ICS 200 (Las Vegas) (PDF)

6/28/19 ICS 700 (Las Vegas) (PDF)

7/02/19 MACC/EOC 101 (Las Vegas) (PDF)

8/08/19 MACC/EOC 101 (Las Vegas) (PDF)

10/16/19 MACC/EOC 101 (Las Vegas, CCFD) (PDF)

Specialized Training

5/09/19 Sever Weather, Storm Spotter Training (PAHRUMP) (PDF)

5/16/19 FEMA Rapid Visual Screening of Buildings for Potential Seismic Hazards and Post Earthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings (Reno) (PDF) 

5/17/19 FEMA Reducing the Risks of Nonstructural Earthquake Damage (Reno) (PDF)

5/30 & 5/31/19 Critical Decision Making for Complex Coordinated Attacks PER-335 (RENO) (PDF)

6/11/19-6/12/19 Rural Preparedness Summit (Fallon) (PDF)

9/24 & 9/25/19 Disaster Management for Public Services (Carson City) (PDF)