Prior Trust Property Auction Information


Per NRS 361.585 and 361.590, property which is delinquent three consecutive fiscal years is deeded into the name of Nye County Treasurer as trustee. Once property is deeded to the County Treasurer as Trustee, the property is subject to auction. The only way to sell delinquent tax properties in Nevada is at a public auction. The properties are located throughout Nye County and are sold "as is".


Property owners have the right to reconvey the property (bring the taxes current) up to the date of publication.

Property Information & Disclaimer

Caution: Investigate before you bid. The County encourages you to research thoroughly the property you are buying. Ownership and lien information may be researched through the Nye County Assessor and the Nye County Recorder.

The County does not investigate the properties prior to the sale, and in no way assumes any responsibility, implied or otherwise, that the properties comply with or conform to zoning ordinances or building codes and permits. The County's sole interest is the recovery of all delinquent taxes, penalties, interest, and cost.

Tax Sale Advertising

The dates and times are posted to our website as soon as they become available. The Sale is advertised in a local newspaper for 20 consecutive days prior to the auction date.

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