District Attorney

A Message from District Attorney Chris Arabia

On behalf of all of the men and women of the Nye County District Attorney's Office, I would like to welcome you to our website. Our goal is to inform citizens about the role, responsibilities and activities of our office, notify victims and witnesses of their rights, educate the public in general about the criminal justice system, and crime prevention, and provide a means by which citizens can conveniently communicate their ideas and concerns to us. The pages of this site are provided to serve as a meaningful resource for all members of our local communities. If you have any suggestions please submit them.

Overview of the District Attorney's Office

The District Attorney is elected by the Nye County electorate for a four-year term. The office of the District Attorney is responsible for the prosecution of all crime that occurs within the county, serves as civil legal counsel for the county and its officers acting in their official capacities, assists the State of Nevada in protecting children from abuse and neglect and provides custodial parents with the means to obtain and enforce child support orders. That process includes holding the person ordered to pay support accountable by either enforcing payment or prosecuting the matter as a criminal offense.

The District Attorney has offices in both Pahrump and Tonopah. The District Attorney's office located at 1520 E. Basin Ave., Pahrump, Nevada serves as the office for our Chief Criminal Deputy District Attorney, Chief Civil Deputy District Attorney, four Criminal Deputy District Attorneys, one Civil Deputy District Attorney, two investigators, the seven members of our support staff and our Office Administrator. Our Tonopah office is located at 101 Radar Road. Serving out of this office is one Deputy District Attorney, one support staff member and the half-dozen members of our Child Support Division. For staff contact information please visit our Staff Directory.

The Prosecution Team

The primary function of the prosecution team is to seek justice by prosecuting those charged with criminal offenses while safeguarding the victimized. Responsible for the prosecution of all felony, gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor offenses within the county by both adults and juveniles, including traffic citations and violations of county and town ordinances, the Nye County District Attorney has discretion whether to prosecute an alleged criminal act, what charges to file, and whether to offer a reduced charge through the plea bargaining process. In making these decisions, the mission is clear: to seek justice in each individual case, giving the appropriate consideration to a variety of factors, including such things as the crime alleged, the criminal history of the accused, the impact on any victim(s) and the criminal justice system and the community at large.

As prosecutors we recognize and respect the rights of all crime victims and encourage the exercise of those rights. We are here to guide them through the legal process and to help obtain the assistance they may need to cope with and recover from the impact of the crime.

To learn about victims rights and resources visit the Victims and Witnesses page.

Please note: The District Attorney's Office is prohibited from providing advice to private citizens on any legal matter.

The Civil Team

The members of the District Attorney's civil team serve as civil litigators and legal advisors. They are committed to carrying out these functions in the most competent and efficient manner so as to protect and promote the economic well-being of our county and give our officials the legal assistance they need to provide responsible and responsive government.

As litigators, our office prosecutes and defends civil matters on behalf of the county and its towns in state and federal court. However, the Board of County Commissioners controls the prosecution or defense of all suits to which it is a party and may elect to litigate some specialized matters with the representation of a private firm or insurance counsel. The civil team also helps represent the interests of the public in child abuse and neglect matters referred by the Nevada Division of Children and Family Services, through the filing and advancing of petitions for protective custody and the termination of parental rights in appropriate cases.

In its role as legal advisor, our office engages in a variety of tasks which are set forth by statute. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing all contracts under consideration by the board of county commissioners;
  • Drafting ordinances and amendments thereto;
  • Drawing all legal papers on behalf of the board of county commissioners;
  • Attending meetings of the board of county commissioners;
  • Providing advice relating to the interpretation or application of county ordinances;
  • Providing advice relating to the impact of federal or state law on the county;
  • At all times, giving advice, including written legal opinions, when required, to the members of the board of county commissioners upon matters relating to their duties; and
  • Rendering legal opinions to any county assessor, collector, auditor or treasurer, and all other county, township or district officers within the county, in any matter relating to the duties of their respective offices.

Please note: The District Attorney's Office is prohibited from providing advice to private citizens on any legal matter.

The Child Support Team

The District Attorney's child support team, through a contract with the State of Nevada, helps parents obtain and/or enforce child support orders. The process can typically be handled simply through written correspondence. An application package must be completed and returned to either the Pahrump or Tonopah office. If an application package is submitted to the Pahrump location it will be forwarded to Tonopah within 1-3 business days. We are dedicated to providing quality service to all who need assistance and appointments to see a team member in either Tonopah or Pahrump are available on request. For additional information about Child Support, please contact:

Nye County District Attorney's Office (Tonopah)
P.O. Box 593
101 Radar Road
Tonopah, NV 89049
Phone: (775) 482-8117
Fax: (775) 482-8175